Small Business Ideas For Women

Fun Jobs for Women

Fun Jobs for Women

While the definition of fun is subjective, there are many fulfilling, interesting career options that are available just for women. These jobs range from independent business opportunities to part-time work. Extensive education is not required for many fun jobs for women, just specific knowledge and experience.

Mommy and Me Class Instructor
Mommy and me classes are a combination of social activities and exercise. This opportunity is specifically for women who have infants or toddlers, as they will need to work with their children when demonstrating to the rest of their group.

In order to become a mommy and me class instructor, one can rent space and develop her own class schedules and policies or work for a company that offers these classes. Sometimes, fitness certification is needed, but often the company will train the employee.

Passion Party Consultant
Passion parties are fun and present a great business opportunity for women who are social and feel comfortable talking about intimacy and intimate products (see References). There are many companies that offer the opportunity for women to become passion party consultants, and they all have varying fees, payouts and requirements. Typically, money is earned based on the amount of product that a consultant is able to sell at each party.

Being a passion party consultant is a great part-time gig, and a woman's earning potential is only limited by the amount of parties she decides to hold.

Beauty Blogger
Being a beauty blogger has two main perks: independence and free products. The way to earn income as a beauty blogger is to build rapport with your audience, gain steady web page traffic and cash in using fees from affiliate links and page advertisements.

Your job will be to report to your readers the latest and greatest when it comes to beauty, hair, makeup and fragrance products. Companies will send you samples to try and review for your audience, and it will be your duty to provide honest, unbiased reviews.

It is best if you choose a niche as a beauty blogger, such as organic or all-natural products, luxury products or products meant for women of a certain ethnicity. This will allow you to carve your own space in the world of beauty blogging, and specialization will draw in a larger audience of loyal readers and companies that want you to review their products.

Home-Based Job Ideas for Women

Home-Based Job Ideas for Women

More and more women are looking for jobs they can do at home while they raise their children. According to MSN Money, opportunities close to home should be explored first, as the competition will be great. It is important to keep in mind that the money will not come easily. Promises of huge earnings are typically signs of a scam. In addition, you should never have to pay for information or materials for legitimate work.

According to Jobs and Moms, women can work in sales from home. A website can be established to sell a variety of products or personally created crafts. The site can be geared to specific areas, such kitchen gadgets or pet apparel and toys. Your own personal items can be sold or auctioned through sites such as eBay. Cleaning out the attic or basement might bring some substantial earnings. Some organizations will pay a commission on telephone sales. Productions from companies such as Pampered Chef, Southern Living and Avon are also based at home. Another sales idea is to obtain a real-estate license and operate out of an office at home.

Freelance writing can be produced from the comfort of home. Writing assignments may include newsletter articles, greeting card sentiments and website content. Technical writing may involve writing product manuals, magazine articles, marketing materials and online help information. Certifications in specific fields are more helpful in obtaining technical writing jobs, but are not always required. A resume writing service may also be a lucrative business, according to Jobs and Moms. The ability to organize information plus strong writing and editing skills are needed for this type of work.

Service businesses are another option for home-based work. Virtual assistants perform tasks from home, including answering emails, coordinating travel plans, word processing and preparing presentations. Communications with the clients is done by email, fax, telephone or U.S. mail. Professional organizers offer assistance with de-cluttering, organizing, filing and financial management. According to MSN, home-based services may include house-sitting, child care and dog walking. Other pet service ideas are dog day care, pet grooming and dog training. Personal chef services are becoming more in demand, according to Jobs and Moms.

Mystery Shopping
According to MSN, mystery shopping offers payment for posing as a customer and providing information about and critiques of specific stores or services. Payment may be anywhere from $5 to $100 for each assignment. Focus group participation and completing surveys is a similar job. While it takes time to become established in such work, one of the benefits of both types of work is getting items for free in addition to being paid.

Salary of a Social Media Specialist

Salary of a Social Media Specialist

Social media specialists work with multimedia equipment including television, video, cameras, recording equipment and film to communicate messages to customers or partners. They also utilize social media websites and social networks in their marketing efforts. Salaries for this position are affected by the individual's acquired experience, type of employer and geographical location of employment. In addition to a yearly salary, social media specialists may receive other perks and benefits from their employers.

Experienced social media specialists have a higher salary than those with less experience in the field. Salary ranges for those just starting in the field is between $24,566 and $36,625, while those who have been in the field for 1 to 4 years have a salary ranging from $31,316 to $45,072, according to PayScale. Experienced specialists who have been in the field for 20 or more years have a salary ranging from $33,573 to $77,097.

Employer Type
Social media specialist salaries also vary by employer type. Specialists employed by a college or university have a salary ranging from $35,078 to $52,375, according to PayScale. State and local government employees have a salary ranging from $29,479 to $72,884, while those employed by the federal government have a salary ranging from $34,590 to $75,172. Those employed by other organizations have one of the highest salary ranges for the position from $40,695 to as high as $83,524 per year.

Geographical Location
Salaries are also affected by the geographical location of employed social media specialists. For social media specialists employed in New York City, the salary range is between $32,556 and $75,172, while those in the employed in the city of Los Angeles, CA have salary ranging from $44,219 to $55,955, according to PayScale. Social media specialists employed in the state of Texas have a salary range of $29,163 to $43,747, while those employed in the state of Georgia have a salary range between $45,496 and $71,500.

Benefits and Perks
In addition to a salary, social media specialists also might receive additional benefits and perks. Specialists with 1 to 4 years of experience have a median annual bonus of $1,581, while those with 20 or more years of experience have a median annual bonus of $3,052, according to PayScale. Specialists also typically receive paid time off; those with less than 1 year of experience usually receive 1.5 weeks of vacation time, while those with 20 or more years of experience receive up 3 weeks of vacation time. Additional benefits may include paid holidays, paid sick leave, 401(k) retirement savings plans, life and disability insurance and possible reimbursement for education, training, tuition or certification.

Bank Manager Job Description

bank manager

A bank manager is the person in charge of the financial operations of a bank, as well as of the employees who provide customer service in banking or lending transactions. He monitors transactions for accuracy and professionalism. In the interest of customer satisfaction and retention, he maintains a welcoming and efficient environment.

A person in this position at a small venue may be in charge of all banking departments. In larger banks with multiple locations, there's typically a branch manager for each local office. If the main bank or branch is a large operation, there are typically managers for individual departments, such as loan, mortgage, investment, checking and savings departments.

In addition to training and supervising employees and guaranteeing exceptional customer service, a bank manager prepares reports and summaries that reflect the bank's activities regarding new loans and mortgages, default activity, new account activity and returns on the bank's investments. This data is distributed to upper management, as well as to the bank's board of directors and investors. The manager is frequently called upon by subordinates to address customer service issues or to assist in the expedition of loan or mortgage applications.

Working Conditions
A bank manager spends much of her time at her desk doing paperwork and working on her computer. She may occasionally walk through the back offices, teller and lobby areas to interact with personnel and customers. Although she may work at the bank less than the traditional 40 hours a week, she frequently takes work home that she completes in the evenings or on weekends. The dress code for banks is traditionally professional, and the overall atmosphere is usually friendly and helpful.

Educational Requirements
Applicants for bank management or management trainee programs need to have a college education. Suggested areas of concentration include math, accounting, finance or business administration. The level of college education requirements varies by bank. Most banks offer management training programs to prospective managers to familiarize them with various bank departments and their operations.

Salary and Advancement Opportunities
According to, the median annual income for a bank manager in 2009 was $137,163, depending on the size of the bank, its holdings and the economic conditions in the region in which the bank was located. Chances of advancement are also highly dependent upon these factors. Lower-level bank managers often enroll in advanced finance and banking courses to increase their chances for promotion.

Qualifications for a Healthcare Consultant

 Healthcare Consultant

CNN Money named health care consulting as one of the best jobs in America. In 2010, health care consulting ranked 16th out of 100 careers. Health care consultants can be self-employed; they may also work for consulting firms. Health care consultants help hospitals and medical centers effectively manage their day-to-day operations. Health care consultants should have strong leadership skills and an interest in meeting the needs of the health care industry.

Health care consultants advise hospital boards and CEOs. They make recommendations on the best approaches for handling a hospital's financial planning and budget. Health care consultants develop long-range goals for increasing the market share of medical service providers. In addition to working with medical facilities, health care consultants can work in the non-profit, pharmaceutical and wellness and fitness sectors. Health care consultants should have analytical, problem-solving and interpersonal skills, according to the Chartis Group. Some of their duties may involve strategizing new goals for medical facilities that house multiple programs.

Health care consultants should have a master's degree in health care management or a master's degree in business administration. The health care consulting industry is a growing field, particularly for individuals with an MBA in health care, according to BNET. In addition to finding consulting opportunities at hospitals and medical centers, MBAs with a health care management degree can work in pharmaceutical research and development or biomedical fields. Health care MBAs can also find employment opportunities in management and operations. Essential educational skills for health care consultants include marketing, business development, health economics and finance.

Certified health care consultants enhance their professional status and employment opportunities. Organizations such as the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants award Certified Health care Business Consultant designations to qualified candidates. Health care consultants must pass a certification examination to receive a CHBC designation, which includes familiarity with the total health care business environment and practical experience in financial management. NHCSBC offers online certification review courses covering topics such as Medicaid and Medicare, employment laws, managed care organizations and corporate and business tax.

In addition to having management and business development skills, health care consultants with a clinical background or knowledge of scientific and health care systems increase their chances of employment. Depending on the program, health care MBA programs may provide courses in biomedical marketing, e-health business models and health care economics and finance. Health care consultants play a key role in shaping the delivery of medical services to the general public by developing effective strategies for managing rising medical costs. Health care consultants can expect increasing employment opportunities. In 2009, the health care industry was one of three industries to increase its workforce, according to BNET. As of 2009, the median salary for health care consultants was $94,000, according to CNN Money.

The Job Description of a Social Media Specialist

The Job Description of a Social Media Specialist

The use of social media is exploding in business and it is not uncommon for companies to hire staff specifically for this role. Keeping up with Twitter, Facebook and the latest tools is easily a full-time position. Job descriptions vary, but there are key skills anyone working in the social media field needs to be successful.

Established Profiles
A social media specialist should already have profiles established on some of the more well-known sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These profiles should demonstrate active, professional use.

Openness to Learning New Tools
Monitor trends with current tools by reading sites such as Find out what people are using and how they are using them. It’s important for a specialist to stay current.

Developing Strategy
Beyond knowing about the tools, the specialist should understand why they should be used. Decide what makes sense for the organization and incorporate the social media strategy into the strategy for the business as a whole.

Relationship Development
Part of maintaining existing accounts involves interacting with “friends” and “followers” on these sites. Also, when someone comments on a blog, the specialist should be prepared to respond.

Measuring Results
Constantly measure results with tools such as Google Analytics. Review what is working and what needs improvement. Pay attention to where your customers are spending most of their time and make sure you spend time in the same place.

Career Choices for Girls

Career Choices for Girls

Remember the infamous statement made by former Harvard University president, Lawrence Summers, that females do not have the same abilities as men, thus the reason for the shortage of women in math and science? Many women--and men--won't soon forget that insensitive comment. If you have a young daughter at home, you would certainly take offense to someone suggesting that she won't succeed in a certain field because of her gender. If you have a son at home, you would also take offense to someone suggesting that he won't succeed in a certain field because of his gender. The idea that girls should have a different set of career choices than boys is preposterous and antiquated. True, there are female-dominated fields, and there are male-dominated fields. But, that doesn't mean that you should pursue a career based on its gender-domination. Pursue a career because it fulfills your interest and satisfies your professionally.

Girls vs. Boys
Today, women make up almost half of the labor force and are breaking through the sexist stereotypes of "That's a man's job" and are paving the way for others to follow. In the last couple of years, we have seen some historical female firsts: female presidential candidate (Hillary Clinton, 2008), first female Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi, 2007)), the first female poet laureate (Carol Ann Duffy, 2008), the first black female CEO of Fortune 500 company (Ursula Burns, Xerox, 2009) and the first female to rise to the level of four-star general in the Unites States military (Ann Dunwoody, 2008). These women represent the dreams and ambitions of millions of little girls and young women around the world; each has set a precedence in each of her respective fields--work hard, succeed, and you too, can achieve your goals regardless of whether you are a male or female.

The Sciences
It is a fact that there are more males than females in fields such as mathematics and statistics. According to a survey conducted by the American Mathematical Society in 2006, there were 1,245 new U.S. doctoral recipients but only 32 percent were women. While mathematics might be lagging in attracting more female candidates, over the years the medical field, once a male-dominated field, has slowly been closing the gap. For example, women accounted for 49 percent of medical school applicants and 48.3 percent of those accepted in 2007-2008.

Aside from mathematicians and physicians, you can pursue a career in science as a chemist, botanist, computer scientist or even an astrophysicist. And, you don't have to be a Ph.D or an M.D. to enjoy a career in science. There are many other capacities you can work in such as a research assistant or a lab technologist. Explore all of the opportunities available to you.

Arts and Humanities
A career in the arts and humanities field is broad and extremely varied. Choosing a career in this field will give you many options to choose from. If you have a liberal arts background, then you have most likely been exposed to a number of subjects or interests that fall within the arts and humanities. The options are endless; follow your passion, your interests and your skills, and you will find a rewarding career. Here are a few types of careers or jobs you might be able to choose from: actor, singer, drama teacher, sculptors, authors and creative writers, sociologists, philosophy professor, art history teacher, composer and poet. Remember, each position requires different levels of education, mostly higher education.

Fly Girls
Aviation, long thought of as a male career, has actually included women since early on. The first female pilot in the United States flew in 1911. It took several years for the military to recognize female pilots--the Navy was the first branch to do so. According to the National Naval Aviation Museum, the first woman to become a naval aviator was Barbara Ann Allen in 1974. And, the United States Army recognizes Col. Sally D. Murphy as the Army's first helicopter pilot, also in 1974. Once women entered air space, the sky--or the moon rather--was the limit. NASA states that Sally Ride became the first female astronaut to travel to space 1983. Today, NASA has 21 female astronauts.

A career in aviation doesn't just include military pilots and astronauts. There are several other options like helicopter pilots, commercial airline pilots, aviation engineers, air traffic controllers and flight attendents.

Let's Build It
According to the National Association of Women In Construction Management, "construction-related jobs account for approximate 66% of all jobs in the U.S. architecture, construction management, landscape design." Only 9.6 percent of these jobs are held by women. But, don't let the statistic deter you from a building career. More and more women are taking jobs in construction, as laborers, forewoman, or managers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2004, women accounted for 13 percent of architecture and engineering positions, including chemical engineers, architects, and civil engineers. So, if you want to pursue a career in engineering or architecture, there's plenty of room for you; you'll probably be warmly welcomed by your female colleagues.

Bottom Line
The idea of gender-specific careers is ludicrous. It is true, however, that there are female-dominated careers and male-dominated careers. That doesn't mean the door is closed to either. When you are pondering your career choices and wondering what avenue to take, it is important to reach out to the colleagues working in your prospective field. Many professionals will be willing to talk to you about the career and the paths they took. This networking will be invaluable to you as you start out in your career and just as invaluable to you as you move ahead professionally.