The Best Career Changes for Women Over 40

Numerous changes occur in the lives of women over 40. Those with kids become empty nesters or will soon. At this stage, many women feel the need for a career change. The main factors considered are contributing positively to the environment and society, flexibility of work schedules, and work in an industry that has a bright future.

Making the Decision
Changing careers is not very easy at any stage and it becomes particularly difficult for women over 40. Though age discrimination is against the law, employers hire younger people. It is best to have a plan in hand to help you make the transition smoothly. First, identify your skills and find jobs that complement those skills. You could also take a simple career aptitude test that tells you all the careers that match your profile. Be clear in your mind the kind of career you want, including the specifics of the job description. This will help you narrow down your job search from numerous options. In this second inning of your career, aim for a job that gives you pleasure so you enjoy work.

Environmental Scientist
Opt for a career in this field if you feel strongly about environmental issues and you are keen to do your bit in protecting Planet Earth. There are several work areas to choose from in this sector. You could opt for field activities if that is your interest. Besides feeling good about working for a noble cause, note that this is one of the fastest growing sectors and has a bright future.

Special Events Coordinator: Retirement Homes
The job involves planning and executing special events for senior citizens in retirement homes. The job generally requires a background in nursing or social work. As a special events coordinator, you would be responsible for arranging outings for seniors such as picnics or fishing trips. You could also organize lectures on topics of their interest. This could be the ideal career option for you if you are compassionate and want to make a difference in lives around you.

If you have an aptitude for math and science and like working with people, nursing could be an ideal second career option for you. According to the National Sample Survey of March 2000, the average age for Registered Nurses is 45.2 years. Nursing students over 40 are more focused and often do well academically. Compared to younger nurses, women choosing nursing as a second career bring their vast experience and decision making skills to the profession. This aspect is highly valued by prospective employers.