How to Show Freelance Work on a Resume

Listing freelance work on your resume allows you to both flesh out your employment history and tell your potential future employer about the skills and experience gained during that time. Because freelancers, by definition, do not work under the supervision of an employer, referencing freelance work on your resume requires you to use a slightly different format than the one you normally use when listing regular jobs.

Tips for you:

1. Create a single entry on your resume for your freelance work. Freelancers typically work for several different clients and creating a separate entry for each major client would clutter your resume. Only consider adding separate entries if you have performed freelance work in vastly different fields, such as Web design and fiction writing.

2. Type the name of your freelance job title on the first line of the employment entry, along with the words "freelance" or "self-employed" and the period during which you were active in that field.

3. List some of your major accomplishments in the next few lines. Mention names of major clients you have worked for, and give details about important projects you have worked on. Use facts and data to support your claims. For example, do not mention that you have "worked on many successful projects for client X," but rather quantify your results by saying that you have "worked on 25 projects for client X, which increased their website's traffic by 33 percent."